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Air Protection System Air Protection System
Targusā€™ patented SafePORT Air Protection System; unique air cushioning with specifically engineered pillows to ā€œfloatā€ your laptop inside the bag with two self-closing straps placed across the top of the laptop to minimize movement. If the case is dropped, the pillows absorb the shock and slowly force air out of the vents on impact. The pillows then return to the full protective strength, all within a split second. Drop tests show that this system provides 5 times more protection.
Sling Protection System Sling PORT Protection
Targusā€™ SafePORT Sling Protection System is designed to suspend your laptop within the laptop case. Constructed from elastic neoprene this system is designed to act as a shock absorber, dispersing impact and protecting your laptop.
Dome Protection System Dome Protection
Targusā€™ Dome Protection System; a series of layered, shock absorbing circles which are inserted into the walls of a laptop case to minimize pressure on the most vulnerable area, the centre of the screen. When pressure is applied the weight is dispersed to the outside edges where it is significantly stronger. The system also helps prevent scratches caused by a screen being forced into the keypad ā€“ a common problem caused during travel when weight is placed on top of a case in an air cabin compartment and other such areas.
EVA Exterior Protection EVA Exterior Protection
Targusā€™ EVA Exterior consists of a solid plastic-form shell which provides a lightweight way to protect a laptop or netbook. The moulded EVA exterior keeps the shape of the case while protecting the contents from smaller impacts or scratches.
Tri-Cell Protection Tri-Cell Protection
Targusā€™ Tri-Cell Cushion System comprises of a three layer system designed to provide lightweight, air-ventilating laptop protection. The layers consist of:

- Quilted top layer which provides air ventilation to dissipate laptop heat
- Shock absorbing foam layer provides protection against bumps
- Durable neoprene protects against scratches
Integrated Laptop Protection Integrated Laptop Protection
The laminated protection system gives three layers of protection within the bag unit:

- Spacer mesh prevents scratches and provides basic initial cushioning
- Perforated EVA offers shock resistance and overall shape and structure
- Closed-call foam provides first layer of defence

Overall each layer performs slightly differently with the two outer layers being soft and deformable, with a stiffer perforated EVA laminate providing good overall performance protection.