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Dome Protection System™
Because your notebook doesn’t always travel first class, Targus has developed its Dome Protection System™, the first sidewall impact notebook protection technology.
Targus’ Dome Protection System™ prevents damage to the most vulnerable area of your notebook – the screen.

Targus has developed its patent-pending Dome Protection System (DPS), a new sidewall impact notebook protection technology. DPS is designed to help prevent scratches caused by a screen being forced into the keypad—a common problem caused during travel.

The System is a series of layered, shock-absorbing circles which are inserted into the walls of a notebook case to minimize pressure on the most vulnerable area, the center of the screen. The weight is dispersed to the outside edges where it is significantly stronger. The result is greater overall protection right where it’s needed.

Cases featuring the Dome Protection System:
Global Executive Cases
The Dome Protection System™ moves impact pressure away from the vulnerable areas of your notebook and gives greater overall protection against screen damage.